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A Pre-Mix Dog Food Supplement containing 9 Essential Vegetables + Added Goodness


Perfect for Raw Diets, as an Entrée or combined with home-made or commercial pet foods.

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  Grrr-nola is a combination of 9 ESSENTIAL VEGETABLES + ADDED GOODNESS – it’s so easy to prepare. Just add your choice of Protein & Oil, to make
an easy to prepare, healthy & delicious natural dog food.

  Grrr-nola is 100% NATURAL and free of all preservatives, additives, chemicals & colouring.

  Grrr-nola does not contain any fillers, no wheat, corn, rice, barley, oats or any other grains.

  Grrr-nola is perfect to round out raw diets, chosen as an vegetable entree or combined with home cooked meals or mixed in with a commercial dog food, which ever way, your pet will love it.

  Grrr-nola is not a pet food, but what you
ADD to your pet’s food to make it a whole lot better.

  Grrr-nola is helping to change the way we
feed our pets because you care & we care.

Maintenance for Adult Dogs!


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Our Promise

Grrr-nola promises
to provide the highest quality natural pet food pre-mix supplement, free of harmful chemicals, additives, artificial dyes and flavourings.

Grrr-nola is also committed to the rescue of animals and helps support organizations that make the rescue and shelter of animals possible.